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Customer Delight Cleaning Services

Residential Cleaning

Residential Cleaning Services

How do we help homeowners and residential property managers take care of the business of cleaning and tidying up at home?

Here is a short list of those cleaning tasks we'll tackle for you.

Each property is different, and every homeowners has special needs. The items listed below are our standards of cleaning for residential spaces, but you can always ask your Clean Team if there is something you'd like us to consider, or something you'd rather handle on your own.

Residential Kitchens

  • Stove top pull out and clean behind, on the front and sides
  • Oven, stove drawer, broiler pan, and microwave
  • Vent, hood, fan and grease screen
  • Refrigerator: clean freezer trays, under butter dish, in and under drawers and racks
  • Refrigerator: clean behind, on the sides, hinges, vent, gasket, vacuum coils
  • Dishwasher
  • Wipe inside and outside of cabinets, drawers and pantry
  • Clean countertops
  • Clean sink and faucet
  • Clean light fixtures
  • Floors - sweep/mop/wax

General Residential Interior

  • Remove rubbish/debris/ trash
  • Residue from all cleaners should be removed (including in the oven)
  • Reinstall all light covers and drip pans
  • Sprinkler heads and smoke detectors need to be painted, debris, and dirt free. Use a duster, Swiffer, or compressed air to clean. If a device has paint on it, report the apartment number and location of the device to the Service Manager.
  • Clean windows, and patio doors inside and out (where applicable)
  • Clean windows, blinds, and sliding door tracks
  • Clean light fixtures, ceiling fans, wash light globes, wall receptacles, and switch plates
  • Clean A/C closet wipe down equipment
  • Clean baseboards, mini blinds, HVAC vents, tops of door facings
  • Clean breaker box
  • Vacuum carpet
  • Clean washer and dryer (inside out, back, sides, under)
  • Floors - sweep/mop/wax/
  • Dust ceiling, corners, and edges throughout the unit
  • Report anything out of place to management

Residential Bathrooms

  • Remove decals from tub, walls and mirrors
  • Clean tub/shower and tile
  • Clean commode and remove all (Tidy Bowl type) cleaners
  • Clean vanity sink, faucet and countertop
  • Wipe inside and outside of cabinets, drawers and linen closet
  • Clean medicine cabinet and mirrors
  • Clean vent fan
  • Clean light fixture
  • Floors - sweep/mop/wax

Home Closets, Cabinets & Counters

  • Clean shelving and make sure it is secure
  • Clean doors, door tracks and interior of closets, cabinets and draws
  • Clean medicine cabinet and mirrors
  • Clean all counters
  • Wipe all door jambs, sills and woodwork