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Restaurant Premises Cleaning

Restaurant and Dining Venue Cleaning Solutions

Restaurants and dining venues have another unique set of cleaning service needs to keep their staff and guests healthy and safe Here is a general list of areas we attend to daily, weekly, and monthly in these facilities...

General Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

Daily Cleaning

  • Brush, scour, and clean grill
  • Clean griddle, range, flattop, and fryer
  • Clean and sanitize meat and cheese slicers
  • Change foil lining on ranges, grills, and flattops
  • Wipe down appliances (coffee makers, toasters, microwaves)
  • Clean and disinfect prep surfaces, including cutting boards
  • Soak beverage dispenser heads at soda stations
  • Run utensils, flatware, smallware, and glassware through dishwasher
  • Clean and sanitize sinks
  • Wipe down ice machine surfaces
  • Launder rags, towels, aprons, chef coats, and uniforms
  • Refill soap and hand sanitizer dispensers
  • Sweep and mop all floors, including walk-ins, refrigerators, and storage areas
  • Take out trash and recycling
  • Wipe down and sanitize recycling bins
  • Empty and clean grease traps

Weekly Maintenance Cleaning

  • Clean ovens
  • Delime faucet heads and sinks
  • Boil out deep fryer
  • Use drain cleaner on floor drains
  • Clean and sanitize walk-in refrigerators and storage areas
  • Clean anti-fatigue mats

Monthly Maintenance

  • Clean behind ovens, stoves, and fryers (the hotline)
  • Run cleaning and sanitizing chemicals through coffee and espresso machines
  • Burn, clean, and sanitize ice machines
  • Empty, clean, and sanitize freezers
  • Clean refrigerator coils
  • Clean and sanitize walls and ceiling
  • Clean restaurant vent hoods
  • Replace or discard any pest traps